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Program Information

Hobe Sound Soccer Club All Stars program 2018/19



Hobe Sound Soccer Club is a youth soccer organization that prides itself on offering a unique, quality driven, soccer program that is designed to create and deliver developmental pathways for young people , ages 2-21, utilizing our recreational programs. All our training programs foster an environment that caters to the needs of the children within that program. This maximizes individual potential as well as team development. Our aims and objectives are to, once again, commit to the goals of player pathways through our feeder structures which not only include team and individual tactics but also roles, responsibilities, game understanding, codes and ethics leadership, good character, sportsmanship, competitiveness as well as respect both on and off the field.


The DPL- development pathway league is an avenue for select & elected players identified from recreational and early development pathway feeder systems to learn a higher level of technical skill development and tactical awareness for team play. DPL – Development Pathway League is made up of clubs from our surrounding areas in the Treasure Coast Soccer League. Age groups can vary season to season and from club to club, all dependent on numbers of players. It is very important to offer and deliver a program that caters to our youngsters that fit in this category to continue their progress in soccer learning through a correct curriculum.


Player Development is of paramount importance to help players move into Competitive levels.

This pathway is a combined commitment of volunteer coaches and our specialized Pro –Trainers to deliver a club structured curriculum in line with personal player development.

Ratio of player’s 10-16 participants in each age group will enhance quicker personal player development. Coach education is very important in DPL working with the Director of Coaching is part of the club DPL feeder structure.


-       Accelerate the development pathway of the players in within the Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach counties. And surrounding areas.

-       Inspire and encourage players to take responsibility for their own development pathway.

-       Create a fun and challenging environment where players have an opportunity to be students of the game.

-       All the above will give players confidence and passion for the game...

2019 HSSC ALLSTARS Hobe Sound Soccer Club All-stars program is a part of the Treasure Coast Soccer League DPL program which is a Development Pathway League aiming to keep youth players in the game ( providing a competitive travel environment) by allowing recreational players to continue to play, enjoy and learn the fantastic game of soccer. The goal of this program is to offer the next level in soccer education and prepare players for a more competitive experience without the commitment of a travel team to give players the opportunity to get more touches on the ball in a more developmentally appropriate environment



Registration Fee - $125*

Training (2nights/week)

1 Practice per week with the HSSC club trainers and DOCs

1 Practice per week with the Club coach
6-8 Games in the TCSL DPL League

Program Costs Include:

Registration with required Soccer Association(s)
League fees for ONE league season
Referee fees for ONE league season
Membership in the Winter  Strikers Academy Training Program (WSATP)


( this was a extra $100 per player)
Curriculum and training created and monitored by (HSSC) professional coaches/trainers.
One training session per week with a ( club experienced trainer) professional trainer


Additional Information on the Developmental Pathway from Treasure Coast Soccer League

U9 Age Group - This year we will be facilitating a U8 (2011) category playing 4 v4 and a U9 category for 2009 players in a 7v7 format on a U10 sized field. Games will be in a jamboree format - (So Recreational players from U7 and U8 players - New or underperforming U8 travel teams). Each team will play a minimum of two 20 minute games or three 15 minute games (all in one AM or PM schedule). 

U10 Age Group - This year we will be facilitating a U10 category playing 7v7 on a U10 sized field - (So Recreational players from U9 and U10 players combined - New or underperforming U9 or U10 travel teams).   Games will alternate between full-length games and jamboree-format games depending on the week.

U12 Age Group - This year we will be facilitating a U12 category playing 9v9 on a U12 sized field - (So Recreational players from U11 and U12 players combined - New or underperforming U11 or U12 travel teams).   Each team will play at least one 60 minute game at home and at the away team.

U14 Age Group - This year we will be facilitating a U14 category playing 11v11 on a full size field - (So Recreational players from U13 and U14 players combined - New or underperforming U13 or U14 travel teams).   Each team will play at least one 70 minute game at home and at the away team.

HS Age Group - This year we will be facilitating a U16 category playing 11v11 on a full-sized field - (So Recreational players from U15 and U16 players combined - New or underperforming U15 or U16 travel teams).   If a team doesn't have enough for a full 11, the other team must play down, and the teams can go as low as 7v7. Flexibility and cooperation between teams and clubs are necessary.

For all age groups:  Playing down is required if the other side doesn't have full numbers. For U10, play can go 5 v 5; for U12 6 v 6; for U14 7 v 7.




Hobe Sound Soccer Club


Winter Strikers Academy is a performance pathway that feeds players and teams into competitive programs specialized program for specific teams using club and guest professional trainers including the volunteer coaches working together on the four pillars of soccer development. Skill testing and player evaluation will be conducted.


(1) Fitness

(2) Technical

(3) Tactical

(4) Psychological


Whilst working with individuals along with teams we shall be striving to assist players in all areas of personal development aiming towards individual progression and team building allowing growth and confidence for players to play into Competitive Soccer. Field sessions and classroom sessions are a big part of this performance pathway program for player, coach and parent learning.


Roles and responsibilities, Positional play, playing numbers includes traits of the player in specific roles. Nutrition, understanding what it means and what it takes being an athlete, Rest and recuperation.


Learning –the principles of defending

Defending as a individual, defending as a unit and defending as a team.

Learning –the principles of attacking

Attacking as a individual, attacking as a unit and attacking as a team.


Understanding the game, systems of play. personal player evaluations and action plans. Selected Tournaments, spring leagues, ODP. Volunteer coaches should have the F and E or new module (2018) licenses to work with this level. Pro – Trainers USSF National D and Higher or European equivalent. DOC ,Competitive Commissioner select Coaches.



Problems registering?  Contact HSSC Registrar , Kim Ruperto at Kim.HSSC@gmail.com 

The Development Pathway League aims to keep youth players in the game by allowing recreational players to continue to play, enjoy, and learn the fantastic game of soccer.

The DPL's goal is to give players the opportunity to get more touches on the ball in a more developmentally appropriate environment.



-Registration Fees  DPL Registration $125 (No discounts or Financial Aid available for this program)  

-Registration is non refundable except cancellation due to no age group or viable league.

-Release Fee: $125.00 per player. Players are registered for a seasonal playing, year June 10 to May 31 

  We look forward to seeing you on the pitch! Have a great day!



Volunteer Requirements


VOLUNTEERS cannot access their GOTSoccer account until they are registered through the HSSC system as volunteer.  You will then get email letting you know your account is active and you may start the RISK MANAGEMENT process below.  Thank you

  • >FYSA Background Check in GOTSoccer
  • >FYSA CDC Concussion Heads Up Course in GOTSoccer




  1. 1) Create a SafeSport account via this link:  https://safesport.org/  authentication/register?token=  ee57337f-31f9-421d-b095-  82fc8c8c4c41  .  Please ensure that you create your account using the exact same name and email address as your account in GotSoccer.  
  2. 2) You will be prompted to add a membership (  U.S. Soccer  ) via an access code (  YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M  ) as part of your account creation.  
  3. 3) Finish the registration process, and take the online training, which consists of three modules: 1) Mandatory Reporting: Understanding Your Responsibilities; 2) Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education; and 3) Emotional and Physical Misconduct. Completion will take approximately 90 minutes, but it does not need to be done at once. You may save your progress and continue where you left off at a later time. 

Once complete, please sign back into your GotSoccer account and upload the certificate to the documents tab.Please note that you will not be able to be added to a roster until this process has been completed.


Please direct questions to:

HSSC Comp Commissioner, Cory Lloyd  at  Cory.HSSC@gmail.com

Kim Ruperto


Phone: (772) 341-4908