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2020-21 Financial Aid


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HSSC Financial Aid Grant Program

The Hobe Sound Soccer Club, hereinafter referred to as HSSC, is committed to providing a high-quality, affordable youth soccer program. The Financial Aid Program exists to help ensure that no player is prevented from participating in HSSC due to financial hardship.


PURPOSE ~ Financial aid grants are applied toward a player's HSSC registration fees and uniform cost. Other costs, such as tournaments, coaching fees, indoor training facility fees and all post season play including DPL, are responsibility of the player/player's family.  HSSC encourages coaches, team managers and team families to work together to assist those players who cannot cover all or a portion their team expenses through team fundraising, coaching fee waivers or direct support from other team families.


AWARD LEVELS ~ Award levels vary according to need, but are generally granted in increments of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. However, each Financial Aid recipient must themselves pay a minimum Registration Fee of $35.00. 


REQUIREMENTS ~ Among the criteria considered in determining whether to grant financial aid, and the appropriate amount of aid, are applicant’s household income, family size, player age, the player’s relevant history with HSSC, and whether the family also qualifies for any State issued financial aid programs.   HSSC expects that in all but the most extreme cases of financial hardship, a player/player's family will contribute at least $35 toward the player's registration fees.


In all instances where HSSC grants financial aid, HSSC expects the player/player’s family to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours of time to HSSC during the course of the season.  HSSC aims to offer some financial aid to all players who demonstrate need, within the financial limits established in HSSC operating budget for the current year.  If an award is made, the applicant will receive a Financial Aid Code from HSSC, which will allow the applicant to register online and receive the full benefit of the award.


PROOF OF NEED ~ All applicants must make application for financial aid on the form designated by HSSC and all applications must include documentation establishing proof of need. Proof of need is best established through submission of the applicant's family's most recent Federal income return (complete with schedules). Other documents that may be submitted to establish proc need include, current pay stubs for the applicant's parents or guardians, proof of eligibility for free or reduced-cost school lunch, or statements establishing eligibility for EBT or other public assistance.


CONFIDENTIALITY ~ HSSC will attempt to maintain all financial aid data in strict confidence. The identity of financial aid applicants and recipients will be shared only on a "need to know" basis within HSSC (e.g. with Scholarship Committee, Administrator, HSSC’s Treasurer and the team manager).  Documents submitted as proof of need during the application process will destroyed upon final adjudication of the award application.


Please direct questions to:

Kim Ruperto


Phone: (772) 341-4908